Flat Hollow Farms Quarter Horses

Flat Hollow Farms is owned by Jett Hitt and Carrie Byron and located near Jane, MO. The property is comprised of a variety of landscapes, including wooded hollows, hill top pastures, and ponds. It is truly a wonderful place to raise Quarter Horses.

Our foals are born on pasture and grow up navigating natural terrain, giving them confidence on natural terrain and keeping them horses, not pets. We use natural horsemanship methods and do all our own training. Our young ones are halter broke as weanlings and then get a nice, easy start riding as two year olds. As they mature, they begin their careers in the discipline that best suits them.

Jett and Carrie also own and operate Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters. We give guided horseback tours (day and multi-day) in Yellowstone National Park. Please visit our website: www.yellowstone.ws and check out facebook.com/packtips