Our American Quarter Horses carry the bloodlines of Oklahoma Star P-6 and Bert P-227, who were two of the great foundation sires in the early days of AQHA and have been inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame. The crossing of their progeny has produced wonderful and sought out roping, barrel, race horse, and cow horse champions. These horses have a rich history in this area, originating from right across the state line in northeastern Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Star was bred by Tommy Moore, who was also his owner, trainer, and race jockey. Moore was worried about the opposing side bribing his jockey, so he typically rode the horse himself. Moore raced Oklahoma Star across the state of Oklahoma and the horse was a very successful match race champion.

Bert was never ridden because of a leg injury when he was young. Despite his bad head and rough look, Bert produced beautiful daughters.


Flat Hollow Farms Starbert Foundation Quarter Horses

We are located in the scenic Ozark Mountains of southwest Missouri near Pineville. Our herd is comprised of mares from some of the top foundation Quarter Horse breeders, Ted Marrs, the Fisher Ranch, and Mark Lindsey. Horses are our livelihood and we are dedicated to preserving the old foundation bloodlines.


The golden cross became these Bert daughters on Oklahoma Star Jr (own son of Oklahoma Star); the colts had nice heads and tons of muscle and every cowboy in the country wanted one. According to the Western Horseman Legends book, it was said that anyone who had an Oklahoma Star Jr. horse out of a Bert mare always wanted another! They are known as natural cow horses who are easy to break and who want to do whatever is asked of them. These horses were naturally called “Starbert” horses.

Flat Hollow Farms is owned by Jett Hitt and Carrie Byron. We recently moved our herd to this gorgeous property near Pineville, MO. Flat Hollow Farm is comprised of a variety of landscapes, including wooded hollows, hill top pastures, and ponds. It is truly a wonderful place to raise Quarter Horses.

Our breeding program is currently based around Thirty Seven Bert with all of our young horses being sired by him. 37 was bred by Fred Gist of Wagon Wheel Ranch and is currently owned by Ted Marrs and Mark Lindsey. Breeding 37 to our high percentage Bert mares is keeping his legacy alive. We have also crossed many Oklahoma Star bred mares on 37 to recreate the magical cross of Star-Bert horses.

Our foals are born on pasture and grow up navigating natural terrain, giving them confidence on natural terrain and keeping them horses, not pets. We use natural horsemanship methods and do all our own training. Our young ones are halter broke as weanlings and then get a nice, easy start riding as two year olds. As they mature, they begin their careers as roping, barrel racing, and trail riding horses.

Jett and Carrie also own and operate Yellowstone Wilderness Outfitters. We give guided horseback tours (day and multi-day) in Yellowstone National Park. Please visit our website: www.yellowstone.ws and check out facebook.com/packtips